British Museum: Issue 18 (online articles)

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British Museum: Issue 18 (online articles)

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British Museum: Issue 18
Bevat onder andere: "the proceedings of the Annual International Egyptological Colloquium, entitled Mariners and traders: Connections between the Red Sea littoral, Arabia and beyond"


Rodolfo Fattovich: Egypt’s trade with Punt: New discoveries on the Red Sea Coast
Rachel Mairs: Glassware from Roman Egypt at Begram (Afghanistan) and the Red Sea trade
Andrea Manzo: From the sea to the deserts and back: New research in Eastern Sudan
Gregory Mumford: Ras Budran and the Old Kingdom trade in Red Sea shells and other exotica
Pierre Tallet: Ayn Sukhna and Wadi el-Jarf: Two newly discovered pharaonic harbours on the Suez Gulf
Ross I. Thomas: Port communities and the Erythraean Sea trade
Roberta Tomber: From the Roman Red Sea to beyond the Empire: Egyptian ports and their trading partners
Cheryl Ward Building pharaoh’s ships: Cedar, incense and sailing the Great Green
Chiara Zazzaro and Andrea Manzo : A preliminary assessment on the pottery assemblage from the port town of Adulis (Eritrea)
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