Zahi Hawass: Discovering Tutankhamun. From Carter to DNA.

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Zahi Hawass: Discovering Tutankhamun. From Carter to DNA.

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Nieuw boek van Zahi Hawass:
Discovering Tutankhamun: From Howard Carter to DNA
American University in Cairo Press, 2013
ISBN 9789774166372

Chapter I: The golden age of Egypt
Egypt before Tutankhamun
Founding the Empire: Ahmose and the Kings of the Early New Kingdom
Amenhotep IIII and Tiye
Amarna: Akhenaten and Nefertiti
Tutankhamun: Boy and King
Cities loved by the King
The King and his Court
The End of Tutankhamun's Reign
Chapter II: Religion And Life After Death
The Afterlife
The Funeral
The Royal Tombs: Pyramids
The Valley of the Kings: Architecture for the Afterlife (KV 54)
Burial Equipment
Religious Texts
Chapter III: Robbers In The Valley Of The Kings
Early Excavations in the Valley
Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon
The People around Carter
The Day of the Discovery
Trouble in Paradise: Carter and the Antiquities Service
Aftermath: Carter after Tutankhamun
Chapter IV: The Tomb And Its Treasures
The Stairway and Entrance Corridor
The Antechamber
The Burial Chamber
The Treasury
The Annexe
Chapter V: Tutankhamun's Mummy
Howard Carter and the Mummy
X-rays of the Mummy
The Mystery of the Mummy>'s Head
CT Scan of the Mummy
The King's Diet
DNA and other Modern Tests
How Tutankhamun Died
Chapter VI: The Discovery Of The Family Of Tutankhamun
The Family of the Boy-King
The Problem of Ancient DNA
DNA Now and the CT Scan
The Mummies
The Results
The Two Fetuses
Searching for Nefertiti / The Search for Nefertiti's Sister
King Tutankhamun's Pedigree (based on DNA Analysis)
Chapter VII: The Valley Of The Kings And New Finds Of Amenhotep III After The Discovery Of Tutankhamun
The Story
The Rediscovery of KV 5
The Discovery of an Embalming Cache in the Valley of the Kings (KV 63)
The Rediscovery of KV 64
The Secret Tunnel of Seti I is Revealed
The search for the Tomb of Rameses VIII
Excavation in Front of the Tomb of Tut
Excavation in the Valley of Monkeys
The Rediscovery of KV 53
The Rediscovery of the Missing Pieces of the Colossal Statue of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye at the Egyptian Museum
The Excavation of the German Expedition at Amenhotep III's Temple
The Discovery of the Cache of statues of Amenhotep III by the Egyptian Expedition
Tutankhamun's Statues Stolen from the Egyptian Museum
Protecting the Valley of the Kings
Chapter VIII: The Curse Of Tutankhamun
Chapter IX: Tutmania
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