Oxford Handbook of the Valley of the Kings

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Oxford Handbook of the Valley of the Kings

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The Oxford Handbook of the Valley of the Kings
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Edited by Richard H. Wilkinson and Kent Weeks


Part I: Introduction
Richard H. Wilkinson and Kent R. Weeks

Part II: The Natural Setting
1. Geology of the Valley of the Kings , Judith M. Bunbury
2. Toponyms of the Valley of the Kings and its Approaches, Kent R. Weeks
3. The Hydrology of the Valley of the Kings: Weather, Rainfall, Drainage Patterns and Flood Protection in Antiquity, Andreas Dorn

Part III: The Development of the Royal Necropolis
4. The Egyptian Concept of a Royal Necropolis, John H. Taylor
5. Earlier Royal Tombs, the Royal Cemeteries of Thebes and the Beginnings of the Valley of the Kings, Aidan Dodson

Part IV: Tomb Construction and Development
6. The Royal Necropolis Workmen of Deir el-Medina, Robert J. Demarée
7. Choosing the Location for a Royal Tomb; The Workmen's Techniques and Tools; Units of Measurement; KV Huts and Work Places, Andreas Dorn
8. The Component Parts of KV Royal Tombs, Kent R. Weeks
9. Collisions, Abandonments, Alterations, Tomb Commencements/Pits and Other Features in the Valley of the Kings, Lyla Pinch-Brock

Part V: Royal Tomb Decoration
10. The Technology of Royal Tomb Decoration, Stephen Rickerby and Lori Wong
11. Iconography; Palaeography; Decorative Elements; Distribution and Development of Scenes, Heather L. McCarthy

Part VI: Individual KV Tombs
12. Royal Tombs of Dynasty Eighteen, Catharine H. Roehrig
13. Royal Tombs of the Nineteenth Dynasty, Hartwig Altenmueller
14. Royal Tombs in Dynasty Twenty, Aidan Dodson
15. Other Tombs: Queens and Commoners in KV, Susanne Bickel

Part VII: Contents of Royal KV Tombs
16. Sarcophagi, Aidan Dodson
17. Canopics, Aidan Dodson
18. Other Tomb Goods, Campbell Price

Part VIII: Getting to the Afterlife
19. Mortuary Ritual in the Valley of the Kings, Alexandra von Lieven
20. Symbolic Aspects of Royal Tombs, Richard H. Wilkinson
21. The Royal Funerary Books: The Subject Matter of Scenes and Texts, oshua Roberson

Part IX: Destruction, Desecration and Reuse
22. Damnatio Memoriae in the Valley of the Kings, Richard H. Wilkinson
23. Usurpation and Reuse of Royal Tombs, Richard H. Wilkinson
24. Intrusive Burials and Caches, John H. Taylor

Part X: Human Remains from the KV and their Study
25. Early Study and the Unwrapping of Mummies, Rosalie David
26. Modern Biomedical Studies, Rosalie David and Ryan Metcalfe
27. Recent Identity and Relationship Studies, Including X-Rays and DNA, Ryan Metcalfe

Part XI: The Administration of the KV in Dynastic Times
28. The Temples of Millions of Years at Western Thebes, Martina Ullmann
29. Policing and Site Protection; Guard Posts; Enclosure Walls, Carola Vogel
30. Tomb Robberies in the Valley of the Kings, Ogden Goelet

Part XII: The KV from the End of the New Kingdom to the Late 20th Century
31. Late Dynastic, Graeco-Roman and Christian Times; Post-New Kingdom Graffiti, Filip Coppens
32. The History of KV Exploration Prior to the Late 20th Century, Joyce Tyldesley

Part XIII: The KV in the Late 20th and the 21st Century and Beyond
33. Remote Sensing in the Valley of the Kings and its Hinterlands, Sarah H. Parcak and Gregory D. Mumford
34. The Search for Other Tombs, Stephen W. Cross
35. Tomb Recording: Epigraphy, Photography, Digital Imaging, 3-D Surveys, Adam Lowe
36. Conservation and Flood Protection, Michael Jones
37. Tourism in the Valley of the Kings, Kent R. Weeks
38. The Valley of the Kings in the Lives of Modern Egyptians: The People of Qurna, Kees van der Spek

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Re: Oxford Handbook of the Valley of the Kings

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Dat lijkt me een interessant boek
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