21/01/18 - Brussel - Rogério Sousa - Coffins Amun Priests

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21/01/18 - Brussel - Rogério Sousa - Coffins Amun Priests

Berichtdoor Philip Arrhidaeus » Vr Dec 22, 2017 9:37 pm

Rogério Sousa
Images of heaven: Coffin decoration in the Tomb of the Priests of Amun (21st Dynasty)

Zondag 21 januari 2018
10:30 uur

Auditorium van de K.M.K.G.
Jubelpark 10
1000 Brussel


During the 21st Dynasty, Egypt experienced severe economic crisis and political unrest. And yet, Theban workshops produced some of the most complex artefacts ever created in the ancient world.
The ‘yellow’ coffins, as they are known today, represent a deep break with tradition. From the archaeological point of view this rupture is detected in several aspects, such as the collective nature of the burial grounds and the exclusive use of anthropoid coffins in nested assemblages. However, the originality of the ‘yellow’ type lies on the role played by visual culture as a way to convey a heterogeneous set of ideas regarding the afterlife and corporative values of the priesthood of Amun in Thebes.
The Tomb of the Priests of Amun found intact in 1891 uncovered the largest collection of ‘yellow’ coffins so far discovered, allowing a unique glimpse on the dynamics of funerary material culture during one of the most obscure periods of Egyptian History.
In this presentation we will examine coffin ensembles sent to Portugal, Italy and Belgium aiming at reconstructing its symbolism and understanding how these objects shaped workshop practices, management strategies and, most importantly, how they contributed to redifining ‘ownership’ of funerary artefacts.
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Re: 21/01/18 - Brussel - Rogério Sousa - Coffins Amun Priest

Berichtdoor René » Ma Jan 01, 2018 8:52 pm

Erg interessant, ik denk erover om hier naar toe te gaan. Voor diegenen die in dit onderwerp geïnteresseerd zijn is er ook een (online) lezing in Turijn door Andrzej Niwinski op 16 januari a.s. van 18.00-19.30 uur. De lezing is via een live streaming te volgen via de volgende link https://www.facebook.com/events/264152690783318/

Nadere details:
On January 16th, Museo Egizio hosts its first conference of 2018: "The development of the iconographic repertoire of the 21st Dynasty coffins as the new dating criterion", presented by Professor Andrzej Niwinski.
The so-called yellow grounded coffins offer an interesting example of complex iconography. A classification of these artefacts, based on the decoration style, was suggested 30 years ago by Dr. Andrzej Niwiński (A. Niwiński, 21st Dynasty Coffins from Thebes. Chronological and Typological Studies. = THEBEN V, Mainz 1988) and it is still in use. New researches on this rich iconographic catalogue have employed a new dating method, based on the comparison between the evolution in the decoration style and the changes in society or during important events occurred in Thebes. During the conference, Dr. Niwiński will explain the dating method used and he will present to the audience the most recent discoveries in this field.
Dr. Andrzej Niwiński is currently Professor at the University of Warsaw and he is employed at the Seminary of Egyptian and Nubian Archaeology of the Institute of Archaeology. He previously worked at the University Lille III where he taught Egyptology.

Tuesday, Januray 16th, 2018
Time 18:00
Sala Conferenze – Museo Egizio
The conference will be held in English.
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