Reeves en KV63

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Reeves en KV63

Berichtdoor Philip Arrhidaeus » Do Aug 24, 2006 12:59 pm

In dit artikel: ... ersy_x.htm

lees ik dit:
" ... Reeves was cleared last year by the Supreme Council of accusations of involvement in antiquities smuggling made in 2002, but he says he still has not been allowed to return to the Valley of the Kings to complete his survey ... "

Ik vroeg me al af waarom hij niet betrokken werd in de ontdekking en in het onderzoeken van KV63. Hij had immers jaren geleden een project opgestart met het zoeken naar amarna tombes in de Vallei der Koningen in hetzelfde gebied als KV63.

Reeves schrijft zelf:
" ... most of you will be aware of my personal struggle over recent years defending against (false) accusations of involvement in antiquities smuggling - accusations which resulted in my suspension from digging in 2002. I am pleased to report that at a meeting of the Supreme Council of Antiquities held in Cairo on 7 August 2005, following meticulous investigation, my name was officially cleared of any wrongdoing ... "

Weet iemand hier nog iets meer over? Wat werd hem precies ten laste gelegd?

Reeves schrijft ook:
" ... Here was a tomb whose position we had located in the course of our 2000 radar survey, situated squarely on what as recently as 2002 was our concession; a feature we had every hope of investigating ourselves in due course. But it was Dr Otto Schaden who physically uncovered it and confirmed its character. Under those circumstances there can be no question that the credit for actual discovery should go to him and to the University of Memphis ... "

Heel gentlemanlike, maar toch misschien niet zonder een spoortje verbittering:
" ... I’ll begin by addressing suggestions that ARTP is currently claiming the discovery of the new tomb for itself. I should like to reassure Dr Hawass, Dr Bianchi and the public at large that this is not the case - though in the immediate aftermath of the discovery there was obvious disappointment felt by me, by the members of my team and by our supporters ... "
" ... And of course, as Dr Bob reminds us, who digs where and when are matters entirely in the gift of the Supreme Council of Antiquities ... "

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