Haven in Gizeh, en waar verbleven de arbeiders?

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Haven in Gizeh, en waar verbleven de arbeiders?

Berichtdoor Philip Arrhidaeus » Wo Jan 29, 2014 2:43 pm

Omdat ik niet weet hoe 'nieuw' dit nieuws voor iedereen is, daarom hier in de rubriek 'Oude Rijk' geplaatst.

Verbleven de arbeiders van de pirames op hun werkplaatsen, 'op' de piramides zelf dus en in de steengroeven?

The remains of a bustling port and barracks for sailors or military troops have been discovered near the Giza Pyramids.
http://www.livescience.com/42902-giza-p ... vered.html
Several discoveries at the city and Khentkawes town suggest Giza was a thriving port, said archaeologist Mark Lehner, the director of Ancient Egypt Research Associates. For instance, Lehner's team discovered a basin beside the Khentkawes town just 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) from the nearest Nile River channel.
This basin may be "an extension of a harbor or waterfront," Lehner said at a recent symposium held here by the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities.
Where there is a port there are sailors. At the city the archaeologists found evidence that a series of long buildings called "galleries" held troops who could have participated in voyages to the Levant and possibly guarded VIPs while at Giza. These galleries were about 23 feet (7 meters) high and each set was at least 113 feet (34.5 meters) long, north to south.
"I wonder if we are basically seeing barracks not of the workers, but of elite crews of ships," Lehner said.
The recent discoveries at Giza leave a mystery in their wake: Where were the dwellings of the pyramid builders, the regular workers, located?
The answer may be on the pyramids themselves. "We could probably be correct imagining workers staying on the immense ramps, on the unfinished pyramid as it rose," said Lehner in an email to LiveScience, adding that they could also have been living in the quarries in simple dwellings akin to "lean-to's."

En foto's: http://www.livescience.com/42688-photos ... eries.html

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